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Patent expiry and generic competition are constantly driving the researched based pharmaceutical industry to search for new pipeline candidates.

A vast part of future pipeline candidates emanate from biotechnological labs.  This is crucial not only for research based companies but also for their generic competitors:  more and more generic companies are striving to gain access to "Biosimilars", or even to develop "Biobetters". Both, the classic originators as well as generic companies, are prone to partner up with biotech companies.  

Likewise, biotech companies profit from partnering with established drug companies. Experienced market players are able to support biotech companies financially in developing and manufacturing expensive innovative products. Furthermore, experienced pharmaceutical companies have proven to be essential for their biotech partners when it comes to filing for and obtaining drug approvals and marketing the product. We, the specialists of Oehmichen Lawyers, are at home not only in the drug industry but also in the biotech world.

We will gladly support you in your search for the right partner and in shaping the new partnership.