OEHMICHEN Rechtsanswälte PartG mbB - Consultants for the healthcare industry - outsourced Legal Department

Outsourced Legal Department

Your partner in developing legal corporate strategies

  • Analysis of company-specific legal risks
  • Counseling with regard to marketing strategies and product placement
  • Drafting and formulation of corporate policies
  • Counseling and assistance to the decision makers in all legal matters

Your Legal Department, Outsourced

  • Counseling in all advertising matters
  • Representation in litigations with competitors
  • Assistance in contract negotiations
  • Personnel training in the conduct of negotiations
  • Drafting and preparation of contract agreements,
  • follow-up on the fulfillment of contractual obligations
  • In product development: coordination of patent-legal and drug-regulatory activities
  • Installation of law and contract archives
  • Analysis and composition of corporate law structures
  • Preparation, consultation and legal implementation with respect to corporate decisions
  • Preparation of and consultation to supervisory
    board meetings and stockholders meetings
  • Composition of management agreements Implementation and maintenance of a compliance structure
  • Personnel training in compliance matters (particularly to sales personnel)