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Recently, the attention of the public in quite a few countries has been attracted by major investigations conducted  by public prosecutors against managers and employees of the pharmaceutical industry.  No doubt, the risk of breaching the law is considerable in our thoroughly regulated life science industry.

When it comes to developing and selling products for the treatment of human ailments,  we are entangled in a dense network of complicated laws. From guidelines on GLP, GCP and GMP,  over regulatory requirements to the rules on the collaboration with physicians, medical institutions , pharmacies and public healthcare funds, we need to find our path through a system which appears to be  a jungle of rules and legal pitfalls.   Cost pressure by shrinking margins drives us more often than not to reach – and sometimes to stretch - the limits of legal standards.

We, the lawyers of Oehmichen Lawyers, have been used to move within this area of conflict for many years.  During our long experience in the health care industry, we learned how to analyse our clients compliance requirements, establish compliance systems and how to monitor such systems - always in the interest of our clients.

We are glad to make our experience and our know how available to you.